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2016-2017 Annual Report

Letter from the Board Chair & CEO

Breathing. It’s something that we do all the time – 22,000 times a day, every day of our lives. Something so natural and automatic that most of us never even think about it. But that is not the case for the one in five Ontarians who struggle to breathe. Breathing is a constant challenge that affects almost every aspect of their daily lives. While we've come a long way in understanding and treating lung disease, breathing challenges continue to exact an enormous human and economic toll. As we look back on our work in 2016, you’ll see that The Lung…



Play for All

A parent of a student at Phoebe Gilman Public School who has severe asthma said that they were very happy with the Play for All program. It will provide their daughter's classmates the education to understand why she can't participate in certain gym activities or physical fitness. Their daughter sometimes encounters animosity from other students…

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Fitness for Breath

Virginia is one of more than 900,000 people in Ontario whose breathing is challenged each day by chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). COPD is a debilitating condition that includes two major lung diseases, emphysema and chronic bronchitis, and is primarily caused by smoking. In these instances, tobacco smoke narrows the air passages and causes chronic…

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Lung Health Information Line

Questions about breathing and lung health? We’re just a phone call (or email) away. In the last year, our certified respiratory educators (CREs) provided lung health counseling through 3,257 phone calls and 340 emails. The Lung Association works to ensure that everyone can breathe easier and that they have access to the resources and supports…

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Lung Cancer

Joseph Neale is living proof that lung cancer can affect anyone at any time. The 20-year-old was stunned to learn one day that he had a tumour that had metastasized. Two thirds of his right lung had to be removed. After the shock of such a diagnosis, patients need concrete answers readily available to answer…

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Be Tobacco Free

Imagine you could be part of the reason why a teenager decided not to smoke. A reason they did not become addicted to nicotine. A reason they did not inhale 4,000 chemicals with each cigarette. A reason they did not compromise their lung development and…

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Emergency Department Asthma Care Pathway

A critical part of The Lung Association’s work is to support best practice treatment and ultimately improve the lung health of children and adults with asthma – like grade 8 student Gabriel Roosevelt-Jackman. His asthma triggers  include everyday things we typically don’t give a second…

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One in five Canadians has lung disease


Through the results of a routine CT scan for an unrelated ailment, Virginia Killin was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer. She was shocked, scared and confused. She had never smoked. She hadn’t been exposed to second-hand smoke since 1975. How, she wondered, could she have lung cancer? That’s when she learned about radon and how it was the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers. She got her house tested for this dangerous gas, and found that her basement – a place where she would relax, watch movies, paint and feel safe – was killing her and her family. According to Health Canada, the guideline for indoor radon exposure is 200 becquerels. When her basement was tested it was 740 becquerels. The Lung Association is a leader in raising radon awareness in the general public and with health-care providers. We educate on what radon is, how it impacts lung health…

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Breathing Champions


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Based on 5 year average 2013-2017 Audited

The Lung Association provides free lung health information and support to people living with or caring for someone with lung disease.

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